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Why do business with Abundant Prosperity Associates, LLC?

Whether you’re just looking for the most affordable term life insurance for you and your family or want help creating a well-rounded retirement plan that will provide you with financial peace of mind, Abundant Prosperity Associates can assist you. Our team of associates has decades of experience in their fields of expertise. We use a holistic approach with sound, proven and effective financial strategies to assist you in achieving your financial goals. We are committed to do what is in your best interest, as our valued client.

Take a quick look below for just a few examples of how Abundant Prosperity Associates assists families and businesses to enjoy true financial peace of mind.



Are you concerned about outliving your retirement income? Does the volatility of the stock market make you uneasy? Uncertain about the best time to start receiving Social Security benefits? Does owning a guaranteed retirement income account that you cannot outlive, appeal to you? For just one example of how Abundant Prosperity Associates can assist you, take 4 minutes to view the following video:




One way Abundant Prosperity Associates assists families is by helping you implement a powerful method to save and pay for college educations. Does a college funding strategy that won’t count against student financial aid eligibility, can be used for any needs without tax consequences, and does not expose your money to market risk, sound too good to be true. If so, watch the following 4½ minute video to learn about “7702 College Funding” vehicles:




An example of how Abundant Prosperity Associates can assist your business is by helping you establish an Executive Bonus Plan for you, and your employees – if you choose. This retirement plan is tax deductible to the business and provides tax free retirement income to the employee – all without the restrictions and limitations of a 401(k) plan. To learn more watch the following 4 minute video:


Client Testimonial

“I am retired and had been looking for a safe and profitable place to invest my fairly sizable 401(k). Abundant Prosperity Associates was recommended to me by a friend who is very happy with Peter Wolf’s integrity and the performance of her investments. That has also been my experience and is why I’ve trusted him with my portfolio. My retirement account is now in a safe and secure vehicle earning a very competitive return. Thanks Peter!”

-Bill F.
Lakewood, Colorado

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  • Leaving a legacy for your loved ones while avoiding probate
  • Cash liquidity

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