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Using a holistic approach, Abundant Prosperity Associates can assist you in achieving many of your business financial goals and objectives. We utilize safe, proven and effective financial strategies. Our team of financial professionals has decades of experience in all aspects of financial planning. We are experts in risk management, employee retention and exit strategies.

Business PlanningWe offer a complimentary, comprehensive, no obligation evaluation of your employer sponsored retirement plan and risk management strategies. As part of the evaluation, we’ll review all areas of your strategy and address any areas of concern or gaps you should be aware of. If we do uncover any areas of concern, you will be given the opportunity to learn about potential solutions to eliminate these gaps. Abundant Prosperity Associates is dedicated to serving you, our valued client.

Executive Bonus Plan

One example of how Abundant Prosperity Associates can assist your business is by helping you establish an Executive Bonus Plan for you, and your employees – if you choose. This retirement plan is tax deductible to the business and provides tax free retirement income to the employee – all without the restrictions, expenses and limitations of a 401(k) plan. To learn more watch the following 4 minute video:

Key Employees – Salary Continuation

Do you have key employees that your business depends on? Are you concerned about the devastating effect losing these employees to the competition could be? How do you get these employees to stay with your company until they retire? Watch the following 4 ½ minute video to learn about “Salary Continuation” plans:

Business Equity Transfer

Have you established an exit strategy for yourself when you retire from your business? Are you concerned about the tax liability you’re likely to incur when you take the equity out of your business. Have you heard of the substantial tax advantages of a “Business Equity Transfer” plan? To learn more take 4 ½ minutes to watch the following informational video: