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What Clients are Saying About our Company

“I met Peter Wolf in Colorado after we had embarked on a joint business venture. Unless your head is hidden in the sand, it has become increasingly obvious that we may be headed into stormy economic times! In my mind, I was so convinced our economy was ready to have a major downturn, worse than the one in 2008, that I was ready to take everything out of my investment portfolio, put it into cash and retreat to a cave somewhere until it all blew over. Peter was like a calm harbor in a raging storm, and I must admit when it comes to sailing stormy financial seas, I don’t have anything that resembles sea legs! So, because Peter is a gentleman of the highest order of integrity and heart, I put my entire faith and portfolio in his hands and have done quite well ever since!

I look forward to years of financial security with Peter as my guide, and also to our ongoing friendship and present business relationship. I highly recommend him to handle your financial needs in the future.” 

Judah L.
Charlottesville, Virginia


“I met with Peter and his team after losing over 40% of my IRA’s value and converting it to a too-conservative investment with unacceptably low returns. They reviewed my financial situation and goals and suggested moving to an annuity with the ability to earn high returns when the market does well, concurrently removing the risk of losing principal or previously earned interest in tough market times.

Peter also suggested converting my traditional life insurance policy into a “Private Equity Banking Policy” and for the same premium amount, paying it up in a much shorter period of time. I selected an indexed-annuity for my IRA, now earning a competitive interest rate, without the risk of loss, and I am already using my new “Private Equity Banking” policy to recover the interest payments I used to pay to banks for major purchases.

I now have peace of mind knowing that my retirement needs are being met. Peter and his team’s dedication is very much appreciated, and I refer friends and colleagues to Abundant Prosperity Associates often.”

Holly A.
Lakewood, Colorado


“I am retired and had been looking for a safe and profitable place to invest my fairly sizable 401K. Peter Wolf and Abundant Prosperity Associates were recommended to me by a friend who is very happy with Peter’s integrity and the performance of her investments. That has also been my experience and is why I have trusted him with my investment portfolio. My retirement account is now in a safe and secure vehicle earning a very competitive return. Thanks Peter!”

Bill F.
Lakewood, Colorado


“I met with Peter Wolf to learn about the financial consulting services APA offers. After evaluating my current financial situation and future goals, Peter recommended some strategies that made a lot of sense to me, which include a customized money management/debt elimination program that is guiding me in paying off my debt in half the time.

Peter was also able to get me a new life insurance policy that has almost twice the death benefit as my old one, and is less expensive. And I have created my own ““Private Equity Banking” policies that I will use to make major purchases in the future, including paying for my daughter’s college education.

Now I get to be my own banker and keep the interest that would normally be paid to a traditional lender. Best of all, I’ll be able to teach my girls how to be their own banker, and will transfer the banking policies to them at the appropriate time. I highly recommend Abundant Prosperity Associates.”

Tina U.
Littleton, Colorado


“I first met with Peter Wolf from Abundant Prosperity Associates shortly after taking early retirement. I had requested a life insurance quote and Peter reached out to me on a personal level. I was immediately impressed that he showed a genuine concern that all financial decisions made would be in my best interest.
Prior to my retirement, my former company provided very little information to prepare me for retirement. Peter took the time to fully evaluate my situation and also provided me with the financial education I sorely needed.

The strategy that Peter and his team presented to me included an IRA account with the safety and security of knowing my account will never lose a penny and is earning a very competitive rate of return. We also were able to structure my IRA so that I’m able to take early distributions without the normal 10% IRS early withdrawal penalty.
Peter and his team have helped me in ways far beyond what I could ever imagine.”

William M.
Littleton, CO